The hardware for this project is a basic breakout board containing a STM32103C8T6 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics. The one i got is called "STM32-Minimum-System-Development-Board-Module". Update: I recently discovered that is likely made by Haoyu electronics. They have a product page

This board is sized 5.3mm × 2.2mm and breadboard compatible. I got mine quite cheap and also undocumented from china. At least i couldn’t find an original from the seller’s site. So i had to do a bit guessing. Luckily most of the boards labeling is just the signal/pin names from the chip. So no need to map from chip pins to a different breakout board numbering scheme.

Board specs:

  • Cortex®-M3
  • up to: 72Mhz
  • ram: 20kb
  • flash: 128kb

The jumpers on the board are not labeled. But they are connected to the boot0 and boot1/PB2 (from top to bottom). Both are connected to the stm32 via 100kΩ. The debug header has GND, SWCLK(PA14), SWDIO(PA13) and 3.3V. Reset is also available on as pin R besides the button. The LED is connected from C13 to 3.3V with a 680Ω resistor.

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